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Welcome to Montana Software!

Located in Missoula, Montana Software is an independent computer services company offering the finest in computer training, service and software:


Accel SpeedTec speeds your Internet browsing. SpeedTec modifies TCP/IP settings in the Windows registry to increase data throughput on the internet. The result? Faster Web browsing, faster downloads/uploads, faster e-mail, better audio/video streaming, etc. Tired of waiting for pages to load? Get SpeedTec today! Click here for more information.

Rescue 911 backs up the Windows registry and other important system files -- automatically on bootup or manually at the touch of a button. If trouble strikes, simply click another button to restore your critical files. If Windows won't start, the Rescue Diskette will boot your computer into a DOS menu offering the option to restore from the last Manual or Automatic backup.  Click here for more information.


Need an E-commerce site for your business? Send us an email! Custom software? We have Visual Basic developers available. On-site training? We can teach you just about anything. Networking? Get in touch! Click here for more information.

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