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Rescue 911

Rescue 911... Don't leave your system without it!
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System Protection
Have you ever had your system crash on you? Ever had to reformat your hard drive? Use Rescue 911 to prepare for trouble ahead of time -- then use it to save your system after trouble strikes. Most system failures stem from corrupted files on your computer. If you install new software, edit your registry, or even browse the web, you should back up important system files often. Rescue 911 provides options for Automatic Backup on startup, Manual Backup at the push of a button, and a Rescue Diskette that automatically restores system files if Windows won't boot. With an intuitive user interface, clearly written help files and context-sensitive help buttons throughout, the program is easy to use despite its powerful features.

Automatic Backup
With Automatic Backup, Rescue 911 backs up your system files each time you start your computer. Restoring your files is as easy as pushing a button. If Windows becomes corrupted and won't start, the Rescue Diskette will boot your system into a DOS menu, where you choose to restore from Automatic or Manual Backup. Click here for a view of the Automatic Backup screen.

The most important files on your system Manual Backup
If you plan to edit your registry or install new software, use this feature to first back up your files with the touch of a button. All manual backups go to a separate directory from the Automatic backups. Why? Each time you edit the registry you need to reboot your computer for changes to take effect. If you have Automatic Backup selected (and you should), it will replace your backed up files with the changed files! Manual backups remain unchanged during those reboots, allowing you to easily restore your files. Click here for a view of the Manual Backup screen.

Rescue Diskette
In the event of an emergency, the Rescue Diskette will automatically restore system files from the last Automatic or Manual Backup. If Windows won't start, just turn off your computer, pop in the Rescue Diskette, and turn the computer on again. The diskette takes you into a menu with the option to restore from Automatic or Manual Backup. Enter your choice and Rescue 911 does the rest! Click here for a view of the
Rescue Diskette screen.

Rescue 911 is available for free evaluation from our download page.
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