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Earn Income From Your Website

If you have a website or some other means of promotion, you can sign up for our Affiliate Reseller's Program, and earn $7.11 for each sale of Accel SpeedTec. When people discover our software, they love it! And they buy it!

Now you can profit from our quality software. It's easy to sign up for our Reseller's Program, easy to link to our site, and easy to receive your check each month. Consider the features of our program:

Generous Commissions:
$7.11 for each sale of Accel SpeedTec. That represents 50% of the profits after payment processing costs. You earn the same amount we do! We want you to earn a good income! The more you make, the more motivated you are to sell our product.

Guaranteed Credit:
We use a double system of tracking your buyers: our own custom PHP solution, plus website cookies. This double system makes sure you receive credit for each sale. You can even offer our software for free trial download and be sure of your payment when the customer orders.

Instant Email Notifications:
For each sale to your customers, you'll receive an immediate email notifying you of the transaction. You'll get the customer's name and email address, mailing address, which product they ordered, and the total amount you earned on that sale.

Online Tracking:
You'll have a sign-in form that will give you access to our password-protected online database of your sales ... you can pull up a table of information about your sales at any time, day or night.

Monthly Payments:
At the beginning of each month, you'll receive a check for the previous month's sales. Included with that check will be a printed report detailing each sale.

Free to Apply, Free to Join:
Sign up today!! Just fill out the form below, and you'll hear from us promptly. Welcome aboard! Further questions? Send us an email.

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