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Accel SpeedTec

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Supports All Versions of Windows!
Properly supports:
Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2000, XP

You Want Internet Speed?

Accel SpeedTec speeds up your access to the Internet! This program modifies the settings on your Windows system, allowing information to flow faster through any connection. Accel SpeedTec works with all types of modems:

- Dial-up
- Cable
- Network interface cards

With an intuitive user interface, clearly written help files and context-sensitive help buttons throughout, the program is easy to use despite its powerful features.

The purchase price includes FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT via email. We answer all email within hours, usually immediately.

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 Faster Web Browsing!
 Faster File Downloads!
 Faster File Uploads!
 Faster Cable Speeds!
 Faster DSL Speeds!
 Faster Dial-up Speeds!
 Faster MP3 Downloads!
 Faster Audio Streaming! 
 Faster Video Streaming! 
 Faster E-Mail!
 Faster On-line Gaming!
 Faster Chat!


  • A Quick Start Guide pops up when Accel SpeedTec is first run -- easy, step-by-step instructions.

  • One-Button Operation -- allows you to optimize your system with a single click.

  • A Defaults button -- Returns to default settings for your system.

  • A Find MaxMTU feature will find the MaxMTU en route to any domain you choose.

  • An Internet Update feature will check for the latest version of Accel SpeedTec and install it onto your system.

  • A Hosts File Editor -- Speeds up access to your favorite Web Sites.

  • Greatly speeds Dial-up, DSL, Cable and LAN connections.

  • An Update All button for the Hosts File editor to keep your file current.

  • Properly Supports All Versions of Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, and XP.

  • Configures AOL adapters.

Used Worldwide Since 1998:

Accel SpeedTec has a rich history of recognized success:

  • 1998:  Version 1.0 released.
  • 1999:  Version 2.0 released.
  • January, 2000:  Windows Magazine reports "SpeedTec Triples Modem Speeds."
  • June, 2000:  CNet/ZD-Net gives "Editor's Pick/Choice" rating.
  • October, 2001:  Version 2.1 Released
  • 2002:  5/5 Cows on Tucows!
  • 2003:  Accel SpeedTec receives a 5/5-Star rating on Vol-FTP.

Now?  Accel SpeedTec has registered users in 57 countries around the world!

Read our user testimonials and order with confidence!!


Accel SpeedTec Testimonials:

Note: We have many unpaid, unsolicited user testimonials on file. Visit our user testimonials page to see more.

Unreal!!! I pride myself on being a skeptic. To test SpeedTec fairly, I noted the time it took to download it initially from your site. It took 3 mins 39 seconds. After installing and using it, I downloaded the same file (saving it under a different name) in only 1 min 38 seconds.

Eddie James  ...

I tested my DSL throughput on the MSN Bandwidth Speed Test site and received an average download speed of 629.7 and an upload speed of 77.2 before making any changes. When I selected "Optimize" on Accel SpeedTec the average scores were 1159.1 and 142.0 -- an 84% improvement. Pretty good increase I would say!!!

Rusty Linker  ...

Just got the cable modem installed, pressed the Accel SpeedTec optimize button and my speed jumped from around from 250 to values of 650-800, so that is INCREDIBLE ... then I set the special values you recommended and behold...800-1000kb/s) This means I should stick to your values huh?...Thanks a bunch! And what a change!!

Karim Popatia  ...

Get It Now ... Only $14.95
Get a free trial from our Download Page   Buy from our Purchase Page

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