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SpeedTec 2.0 released

Portland, Oregon... November 9, 1999 -- Montana Software is proud to announce version 2.0 of its award-winning software, SpeedTec. SpeedTec modifies Windows TCP/IP settings to speed data transfer for any modem. The result? Faster web browsing, faster downloads, faster e-mail, faster online gaming, audio/video streaming, chat, etc. SpeedTec works by eliminating data packet fragmentation, increasing the Windows receive buffer, and modifying other TCP/IP settings.

Professional Programming Makes a Difference:

A number of MaxMTU utilities have sprouted recently, but SpeedTec is one product that continues to stand out for it's superior performance. Simon Baillie, a reviewer for, sums it up:

    "SpeedTec is a neat little program that does what the author says it will ... Believe me, I've tried many of the optimizers but nothing to my knowledge matches this."

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Here are some features that make SpeedTec the best of its kind:

- Proper support for Windows 98: Windows 98 stores the TCP/IP settings in a different subkey in the Registry, and it requires an entirely different algorithm to find the proper subkey. Also, Windows 98 uses string values in the registry for most settings Vs DWord values for Windows 95. Most competitors claim to support Windows 98, but don't make the proper settings.

- A "Quick-Start Guide" that pops up on first use: Easy, step-by-step instructions.

- One-button operation for beginners: Users can press the "Optimize" button, and SpeedTec will look at their specific configuration and make the recommended settings for their computer.

- The most enabled features in a trial version: Most competitors disable RWin, which is the second-most important setting after MaxMTU.

- A "Find MaxMTU" button: Press this button and SpeedTec will ping the URL of your choice to find the appropriate setting for the route to that server. Only one competitor has this feature, and SpeedTec uses a different algorithm that finds the proper setting in 30% less time.

- A "Defaults" button: Returns all settings to the default values for your version of Windows.

- A Hosts File Editor: When you enter a domain name (like into your browser, the first thing it does is search the Internet for the numeric IP address (like for that domain name. This process takes 1-5 seconds. SpeedTec's Host File editor stores the numeric IP addresses of your favorite sites to a file on your local hard-drive. This saves 1-5 seconds when you visit those sites.

- Full support for AOL and DUN 1.3: AOL software uses a different version of Winsock that re-writes certain information to the registry each time it is started. SpeedTec uses a unique algorithm to deliver the proper settings to AOL users. Windows 95 with DUN 1.3 installed requires special treatment as well. SpeedTec handles all of these hurdles without requiring input from the user.

- A Clean Uninstall: When SpeedTec is first run, it looks at the current settings and saves that information to a file on the hard-drive. During the uninstallation, SpeedTec returns all settings to their exact original status. SpeedTec then removes all files and registry entries from the computer.

So stop waiting for slow downloads! Get SpeedTec today.

As Internet congestion becomes more of a problem, software solutions like SpeedTec are playing a greater role in speed enhancements and receiving major press on the large news sites.

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